Thursday, October 2, 2008

I just finished watching the vice-presidential debate. People are saying Palin didn't train wreck simply because she didn't give a "fuck you" to the moderator with her facial gestures like she did with Couric. Biden destroyed her; every time she made a substantial claim, Biden refuted her. Most of her claims, being non-substantial, were irrefutable. Biden knows the constitution; Biden knows how many troops are in Iraq; Biden knows how much money John McCain would save Exxon-Valdez. Sarah Palin knows that "John McCain is a maverick."

I also wanted to point out: I would be willing to bet that the McCain debate team has coached both candidates to smile sarcastically when their opponent is talking. Both Palin and McCain were incredibly rude to their opponents while they were talking. About midway through the election, Biden picked up the McCain strategy and started giving little chuckles when Palin said certain things. But he was, being far more poised than her, far more subtle about it. I really do think this is one of their debate strategies. It is a losing strategy for McCain against Obama: people will think he is being a bully. It would be a winning strategy for Palin against Biden if she could also win a few debate points.

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