Thursday, May 22, 2008

Then as they started using the leadership lessons of Hitler, which was a fairly regular thing, at that point, I said, "This group has got some problems." I would say [...] "Guys, don't you have a problem with Hitler?" And they would say, "Well, it's not his ends we admire, it's his means." has an interview with Jeff Sharlett, author of the new book The Family about a low-profile religious organization boasting members such as Ed Meese, Jesse Helms, and the PM of Norway. Their doctrine is quasi-Christian, but they believe that Christ had it wrong: Christianity should not try to preach to the poor; rather, it should start with the rich and powerful, and allow them to disseminate Christianity, and they believe that Blitzkrieg politics (i.e., "Hitler's means, as opposed to his ends") are the best way to run society.

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