Friday, August 29, 2008

John McCain had an exceptionally cranky interview with Time Magazine earlier this week. I think we might now know why he was so upset. Here is an imaginary conversation between him and his campaign adviser just before the interview :

McCain: You're kidding me, right? The polar bear lady?

Adviser: Look, John, you remind voters of Dick Cheney, and Sarah Palin is the most un-Cheneyesque thing that exists in the Republican Party. She's youngish, she's attractive - I mean, she was a runner up in Miss Alaska - and she'll pull away Hillary voters.

McCain: She's the governor of a state with fewer people than Detroit is what she is.

Adviser: And John, she supports the issue that matters right now: she wants to drill.

McCain: You're killing me. I can already see the headlines: "Dan Quayle, the Second Coming." There's nothing there.

Adviser: The media will love her. Look at her. She has all the "feminine charm" that Hillary doesn't.

Intern knocks on the door.

Intern: Senator, the Time people are here to interview you.

McCain: Fuck! Look, we're not done with this yet. I'll be right back. I have more to say about this beauty queen.

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