Thursday, August 28, 2008 has an article on the mysterious failure to charge the three men who brought assault rifles to Denver in order to assassinate Obama.
In an era where a drunk bar patron raving against the continued existence of a president or candidate could be picked up and questioned by the Secret Service without the bat of an eyelash, anyone should be seriously concerned by a driver in Denver hauling the following:

"...two high-powered rifles, including one with telescopic sights, along with radios, wigs, a bullet-proof vest, a high-magnification spotting scope, three identifications not belonging to Mr. Gartrell, and 44 grams of the stimulant methamphetamine. One rifle had a threaded barrel so that it could be fitted with a silencer."

Sounds like a classic assassination kit. The fact that it was only uncovered after a chance traffic stop is troubling.
As buzzflash mentions, tt's a little eerie, to say the least, that a police officer would write this off as "the racist rantings of drug abusers." Because meth heads have never hurt anyone.

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