Wednesday, June 4, 2008

So everyone is by now aware of today's big news. No, it's not Ryan Seacrest's new show , "Momma's Boys. Obama has clinched the nomination. Now the speculation is as to whether he will pick Clinton as his running mate. There are at least two major reasons why that would be a bad idea, and I'm not even of the normal anti-Clinton ilk. The first is that it would cripple him as a president. You can not have an ex-president and his senator wife directly under you without them taking much of the control into their own hands. The second big reason, very obvious to many, is that an Obama-Clinton ticket doesn't poll all that wel (cf. this story). There are so many better running mates that Obama could choose that Hillary Clinton seems like a booby prize.


Anonymous said...

"Hillary Clinton seems like a booby prize."

that's an unfortunate way of putting it.

Alex Greenberg said...

You're right. I was in the middle of something when I wrote this post and didn't even think about that.

Blogger said...

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