Monday, June 30, 2008

Hero of the Day: Thelma Wyatt Cummings Moore

So it's been a while, but this is kind of exciting. A Georgia judge halted the construction of a coal-fired power plant, citing the April decision by the U.S. Supreme Court that the EPA has a duty to monitor CO2 emissions.
The construction of a coal-fired power plant in Georgia was halted Monday when a judge ruled that the plant's builders must first obtain a permit from state regulators that limits the amount of carbon dioxide emissions.
Of course, the company trying to build the plant is going to appeal, and who knows if the next judge will be sympathetic to the argument of the litigants. But it's a start. If Republicans in congress are going to filibuster any possible attempt at climate legislation, then we can at least start with local politics and in the courts.

Oh, in other climate news, The New York Review of Books failed to publish any critical letters on Freeman Dyson's climate article, although they did publish one that heaped praise on it, then asked about the half life of carbon. Way to face the controversy, NYRB.


Tom Cooper said...

Global warming is a myth and Judge Moore is a judicial joke. I work in SW Georgia and find her legislation by fiat offensive. She and Judge Marvin Arrington might be thought of as political hacks, not fit to be admitted to the bar and certainly not fit to determine SW Georgia's energy needs. Her California education shows her liberal bias. The only decent Superior Court judge for Fulton County was murdered three years ago. Now Fulton County is a judicial wasteland. Is she a hack? Perhaps res ipsa loquitur is a good enough answer.

shunha7878 said...

I agree with Tom Cooper, global warming is a myth. Was this Judge appointed by Carter or Clinton? What makes me mad is Moore and people like her are the reason I am paying $4.00 a gallon for gas. It will not be long before stupid people like Moore make my power bill double or triple.
One more thing, If Gore and Moore really believed Global warming was going to kill us, would they live in such big houses?

Alex Greenberg said...

Tom Cooper,

I'm glad you feel so confident as to believe that global warming is a myth, despite the majority of the scientific community saying otherwise. Judge Moore's ruling is perfectly in line with the Supreme Court decision that said that the EPA MUST regulate CO2 emissions. That's their job, and Judge Moore saw that the Georgia branch was not doing its job.


Moore and people like her are not the reason you're paying 4 dollars a gallon. The reason you are paying four dollars a gallon is simple S&D. More people use fossil fuels, the price goes up. Gas isn't that expensive, in any case. Why don't you do the math and calculate gas as a percentage of your monthly expenditures. You'll find that, although it's certainly higher than it used to be, it's not sickeningly so (unless, perhaps, you drive a Hummer). (Oh, and Judge Moore was, I believe, elected, not appointed.)

I have to say, I regret posting this article. It's brought some real obnoxious people to my blog.