Wednesday, April 30, 2008

So I know that it's very dangerous to predict things that will happen many many years in the future, especially without the appropriate analysis. I also know that my predictions hold little water and, even if they are right, so what? But I still felt like predicting a couple of things that I think that I will (unfortunately) live to see:

1) Global energy shortage on a massive scale

2) The melting of the polar ice caps

3) WWIII (or IV, depending on how you number them)

Will any of these things mean the complete annihilation of the human race? I doubt it. But they are the kinds of things that one would rather sit out. ("No guys, I'm pooped. I'd rather not come in on this one.") The reasons for my believing the first two are obvious, the third not so obvious. I'm simply of the opinion that the global policing that has produced an ersatz military d├ętente will not last another fifty years. There's my two cents, although they're probably worth a lot less than that.

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